Song for Adele Fox Emerson

A Song for Adele

A Song for Adele The pounding becomes banging when you’re nearby I wouldn’t have given anyone else my… I look at the past cos that’s the only place you’ll be I guess it’s because the future doesn’t confirm  there’ll be happiness for me I’m not sad But I’m bad I’ve broken everything that jumped in[…]

Humans are alien babies from long, long ago Fox Emerson Mars

Humans are Alien Babies from Long, Long Ago

Humans are alien babies from long, long ago In Circle in the Sand – I’ve hypothesised that humans lived on Mars, before moving to Earth. I also hint that humans may have evolved even before Mars from somewhere else, perhaps even in another solar system. Did we come from Mars? Let’s look at the evidence[…]

Amazon Drone is Doing a Delivery Fox Emerson

An Amazon Drone is Gonna Start Dropping From the Sky!

An Amazon Drone is Gonna Start Dropping From the Sky! Or some fucking redneck’s gonna shoot ’em If I told you that an Amazon drone is about to deliver directly to your apartment in London within an hour of you clicking send, you’d think I was taking the proverbial piss. But it’s not something that[…]

The Alien Agenda Fox Emerson

The Alien Agenda is to Shove Hot Pokers up your Bum

The Alien Agenda Somewhere on Uranus, a group of egg-headed, mustard-coloured, yellow aliens with eyes remarkably similar to a Pokemon’s are scheming the demise of the human race. The biggest obstacle to the alien agenda is our Goddamn fighting spirit – oh, we’re a pesky race, reknowned through the galaxy for being stubborn, stoic and[…]

How to become famous in 24 hours and lose weight

How to Become Famous in 24 Hours and Lose Weight in the Process

How to Become Famous in 24 Hours and Lose Weight in the Process And other nonsensical suggestions for you The best advice anyone will give you about how to become famous is by considering what you’re going to become famous for, first. Then, systematically and methodically apply your talents – or lack of, towards achieving[…]

Being Original by Fox Emerson blogs

Being Original When Being Genuine is Better

Being Original Can’t be original? Be genuine instead. Being original is almost…dare I say it, impossible. It’s all been done before.  The art of originality has been lost, convoluted, diluted, shaken and stirred – then thrown out or simply forgotten. The more we try to be original, the more we discover it’s not only been[…]

Best Books Fox Emerson

Must Read and Best Books for 2017

Best Books Where are those hidden gems? My best books. Nothing beats curling up with a hot drink (or a strong vino) in your favorite reading spot, reading the best books. A book will take you from that armchair anywhere you want to go. Fantasy It’s not just J.K. Rowling who magically whisked us away[…]

Pop Singers - Fox Emerson

Pop Singers

Pop Singers Glitz, Glamor and Candy for your Ears Teenagers are sexually growing beings who obsess over something that gives them escapism. Some people love to read, others get lost in a movie or a TV series, while others, while away the time obsessing over their favorite artists – including Pop Singers. Fans of science[…]

Should Parenting Require a License Fox Emerson

Should Parenting Require a License?

Should Parenting Require a License? Child abuse, drug abuse – who decides whether parenting require a license? It’s none of your business whether or not your neighbor’s are bad parents. Or is it? What if you were later to discover that those people sexually abused their children? Should parenting require a license? Would it be[…]

Cougar Town Fox Emerson Blog

Accidentally Entering Cougar Town – Turn Back Now!

Meanwhile in Cougar Town Accidentally Cougar Town Liesel had a hangover, but still she made it to work, even if the bags under her eyes were big enough for a grocery shop and the bottom of her mouth tasted only marginally like the bottom of a birdcage. Either way, she had no idea that this[…]

Author Spotlight on Reddit Fox Emerson

A Successful Author Spotlight on Reddit

A Successful Author Spotlight on Reddit WOW! What a night that was and so much fun too. 2,000 upvotes and over 350 comments and I thought I was going to get ignored on my very first ever Author Spotlight on Reddit. When I first spoke to the mods over at /r/books on Reddit about doing[…]

Living la vida Italiano Fox Emerson

Living La Vida Italiano

Living La Vida Italiano This is a side post to my Permesso di Soggiorno which I’m currently acquiring in order to regain Italian citizenship. And boy, what a ride it is. From being sent to one office to another – and being told several conflicting stories after another – my journey isn’t one I’d recomment[…]

Getting Old and Looking Older Fox Emerson Ageing Tips

Getting Old and Looking Older

Getting Old and Looking Older Whether you’re 25 and starting to get concerned with some hairloss, or 45 and worrying about bags under your eyes…oh and let’s not forget about wrinkles, at some point, the majority of us will become concerned about Getting Old and Looking Older. As soon as I finished writing Toby, who[…]

Who is Madonna? Fox Emerson Blog

Who is Madonna

Who is Madonna And why should you care? Being able to continually create a persona and encourage others to believe in that persona, that’s a marketing genius. Creating ballads, riffs, lyrics that all work together along with a visually stunning performance is challenging, to say the least. From the lesser-known streets of New York City[…]

Free Books Really Fox Emerson Website Article Blog

Free Books Really

Free Books Really? WHY? Why would anyone spend months writing a book, researching a story, paying hundreds – editing costs around US$1,000 for a standard sized book, cover design – a couple hundred, reviewing it, proofing it, sending out free copies – at your expense – to key reviewers – in the hopes that they[…]

Are bisexual thoughts normal Fox Emerson Toby Blogs
The Age of Entitlement Fox Emerson Free Books

The Age of Entitlement

The Age of Entitlement Make no mistake, the Age of Entitlement is definitely nigh. Don’t look at under 30 somethings and blame them. We are all to blame. It’s us. We are the Age of Entitlement – all of us alive right now. My friend’s 6 year old child gave me more to think about[…]