Humans are Alien Babies from Long, Long Ago

Humans are alien babies from long, long ago

In Circle in the Sand – I’ve hypothesised that humans lived on Mars, before moving to Earth. I also hint that humans may have evolved even before Mars from somewhere else, perhaps even in another solar system. Did we come from Mars? Let’s look at the evidence for and against. Yes, we’re talking about either panspermia or intelligent design. Gulp.

All those in favour, say I, “I”

The average surface temperature today on Mars in 2018 is -55° Celsius. It’s around 20° at the equator and around -153° at the pole, which means any water is going to be mostly frozen and probably underground. We have also discovered that there’s a high likelihood of bacteria surviving on Mars. Scientists have posited that between 3 to 4 billion years ago, Mars had a thicker atmosphere and a warmer climate. Today’s atmosphere on Mars is too thin for human habitation and far too cold for humans to adapt which makes it highly unlikely that any form of life we could understand would be alive. We’ve also not found any evidence of current life.

In our lifetime, we’ve discovered methane on Mars. Given that Earth is our only other point of reference, we’ll use Earth as our point of reference. The only thing that produces methane on Earth is biological life.

The other important substance we have discovered on Mars in our lifetime is boron. Why is this important? Boron – again, using our only other known planet for comparison, Earth – is left behind when water evaporates.

Also, an in-depth study of the primordial ingredients that could have cultivated life on Earth are, for the most part, missing – in Earth’s history but plentiful in Mars’ history. These are essential phosphates that are highly soluble in water and far more conducive to kick-starting life. It is interesting that we’ve seen much more evidence of it on Mars but not on Earth.

Aliens and the AfterlifeAll those opposed?

The main arguments against a hypothetical life having ever existed on Mars are mostly centered around Pop Culture’s disbelief. If we talk about life on Mars, we also immediately conjure images of walking, talking, possibly green, life-forms. Even with the above ‘evidence’ there’s not enough to prove that any form of life existed on Mars either 4 billion years ago, or more recently.

The other argument that validates all current Earth life originated here on Earth is that all 3 domains; bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes studied by Theobald determined that all of these share a universal common ancestor which would mean that if our ancestors did come from Mars, they brought every living creature with them to Earth.

Evolution? Sure. Every biological form is going to evolve and adapt to a new environment over time. We have animals and insects on this planet that adapt much faster to a new environment. With some slight DNA adjustment, is it far-fetched to believe that we could transplanet a species of one another to another environment and help it along? If we had the capability to do that, imagine what our technical capability would be like in 100 years. What kind of medical/technical manipulation would we be capable of in 1000 years?

Mars to Earth

The problem with our human species is that we have a very short memory. Who built the pyramids? Why are they so similar to one another when they were built by cultures that had no contact with one another? Why do so many different cultures share strikingly similar backgrounds?

There’s a face on Mars that’s been explained as a Mars Mesa and a floating spoon that’s been suggested as simple pareidolia – which is when you see familiar shapes or objects in unrelated locations (clouds, Mars etc.).

And there’s a pyramid on Mars, allegedly. All you’ve got to do is type in “life on Mars” in Google or “structures on Mars” and you’ll see a tonne of ‘evidence’ to support the conspiracy theory.

What if hundreds of millions of years ago, maybe even billions of years ago, some devastating event destroyed Mars and knocked it out of orbit and further away from the sun? What if there were thriving civilizations living on Mars who were nearly wiped out? What’s the likelihood that there’s a much more advanced version of us who step in from time to time to help us out? What if…the pyramids are more than just structures with no purpose? What if the pyramids have an actual purpose other being tombs?

I hate to sound like a child asking ‘why the sky is blue’ but…why is the sky blue? I’m kidding..

Humans are Alien Babies from Long, Long Ago

Oh no he di-dn’t.

Yeah, WE are the aliens – GASP!

It’s interesting when you watch something really cool, like a documentary called ‘Life after People‘ and see how quickly nature erases technological progress. Have you ever considered that maybe, we’ve reached a level of technology much greater than our current one, before? And maybe, we destroyed ourselves then, just like we seem to be trying to now. Perhaps, several hundred million years ago, we were a space-fairing civilization who’d come here from Mars or beyond and something happened.

Would there be some kind of evidence for us having reached a technological maturity before on Earth? Maybe like…out of place artifacts? What about evidence of nuclear bombs from several thousand years ago?

Can we conclusively, without question, state that…no, we’ve never lived before? Even after seeing the anomalies that are mind-boggling?

Still adamant that I’m full of shit? How about the Nazca lines? (let’s ignore that some idiot just drove over them) I’ve personally flown over these and can assure you, there’s no explanation for how these were created without visual assistance and coordination.

There are websites and hundreds of books dedicated to the mysteries of our past and that can still be seen around our world, we just need to open our minds and consider that the most likely explanation, no matter how much pop culture tells us its bullshit, might be the most accurate.

In Circles of the Sand, you’ll discover how quickly a civilization will lose its knowledge and how quickly human races forget the past.

I hope you grab a copy and let me know your thoughts.


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