A Song for Adele

A Song for Adele

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and have a full song ready to write down even though you’ve never written a song before, have no idea how they’re structured and think lyrics are almost the same as limmericks? No? Oh, must be just me then. Sorry, this is going to be utter blubbery, but I’ve jotted it anyway and I would imagine an Adele-type voice singing it.

The pounding becomes banging when you’re nearby
I wouldn’t have given anyone else my…
I look at the past cos that’s the only place you’ll be
I guess it’s because the future doesn’t confirmĀ  there’ll be happiness for me
I’m not sad
But I’m bad
I’ve broken everything that jumped in front of me
Even those that tried to help me
I’m not sad
But I’m bad
Apparently at holding relationships together
At making ever after stay in focus
Don’t try to help me sister, don’t lift me up brother
I don’t need any else’s pity
I’m not sad
But I’m bad
At being trusted with your heart
At staying off your insta fucking twit book
But that’s where you’ll be, forever reminding me…
Of what I couldn’t keep
But now that I glimpse what lies ahead, a road full of thorns and dust, I’m choosing the perma-sleep
I’m not sad
But I’m bad
At putting those feet forward and calling it living
When the safest route was no direction
It no longer matters if you feel like forgiving
Time is about me, somewhere where there’s no reflection

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