My Coronavirus Diary

The email I received on Sunday night from the NHS confirmed what I already knew; I have coronavirus.

Unlike the millions who came before me, I don’t have the same symptoms. Is the virus getting weaker? So far, for my husband and I, it’s a lot weaker. But then I suspect we caught a small viral load, unlike those unfortunate souls who’ve been hospitalised, who were infected by a high viral load (which means being infected by a person when they’re at their sickest).

The media are over-sensationalising the virus to a degree, but the facts are that more testing means we’ll catch the virus earlier and that means you’re more likely to have a weaker version of it.

Anyway, on the journey from Valencia beach in Spain to Madrid last week, I developed tight neck muscles whilst in the car, which I ignored, assuming I’d slept awkwardly the night before. In Spain, even in a car, it’s mandatory to wear face coverings at all times, which we all did on the drive to Madrid.

I had the weakest cough, for about two hours, two days later on the flight home from Madrid. I suppressed this cough as I didn’t want to panic anyone around me. Again, I was wearing a mask, as was everyone on the flight and I’d sanitized so much that my hands were coarser than Boris Johnson’s truths.

That night, I was in bed with the sweats and an intense fever. For 2 days, I shivered and sweat, but took Paracetamol every few hours. By day 3, the fever and sweats mostly went away, and I suddenly found it difficult to breathe. Somewhere in the middle of this, I decided to get a test kit for coronavirus sent out to me.

On that Saturday, I sent off the completed home test kit for coronavirus and the result arrived late Sunday night with a positive.

That Saturday night, my husband suddenly got sick and woke up Sunday with full fever and sweats. He too, had a very minor cough for about an hour. I think I heard him cough 4 times in total during that hour and not once have either of us coughed since. It seems to me that coronavirus seems to be a lot more minor for some people and it doesn’t even involve any coughing.

Sunday night, I couldn’t breathe and Monday night, I struggled to breathe with a tight throat and aching chest. The ache in my lungs was minor and more of an inconvenience than actual pain. In fact, if I had to rate the pain in my lungs it’s fluctuated between a 1 and a 2 out of a possible 10.

My husband is recovering from the fever today and seems to be about 4 days behind my symptoms. Given I almost feel 100% back to normal after just 7 days of coronavirus I’d say he should be fine in a few days too.

At no point did I lose my sense of smell or taste, though I did have a weird nose blocked feeling and that weird smell you have after cleaning with bleach. So I’d say my ability to smell was hampered somewhat. I shoved my nose in my Illy coffee jar and can smell that deliciousness just fine so I rate myself as being able to smell with no difficulty.

And the dinner I made my husband was tasteless and boring – but healthy, so our taste buds are just fine 🙂

And I’m back to writing at home in London, which you’ll be pleased to know. Please stay safe out there and wear your mask. It helps and it protects those weaker than us.


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