Circle in the Sand

It is time to move on. Writing about prostitution, sex, suicide, cheating and a bisexual prostitute has been done and I’m glad for it. But now…I’m more than a little excited to introduce Circle in the Sand. This is my journey into a realm of alternate history. Come join me on this fantastic adventure about time, space, aliens and other habited planets in the Universe.

The Story

I’m going to take you on a journey through both space and time, surpassing the physical body and what we understand about our past and history. I’ll escort you to a place where a God called Anu will show us life.

Anu lived hundreds of thousands of years ago in a physical body, just like us. When he shed his body, he yearned to understand the human existence. Over the eons, he helped many humanoids to settle on many planets. His ‘kin’ became special to him and he watched them grow as though they were his children, though they were much more.

When a spaceship appears above a small town in Bath – England, Alan and Sam are transported to a location where they meet Anu. He takes them on a tour of the universe across time and shows them what life means.

Alan and Sam discover that their worries aren’t quite over, when a cataclysmic event is foretold and that nothing can stop it. They must make a choice that will affect all life on earth.

Are we Alone?

Anu will show them that humans are not alone and are far from alone. On a tour of the Galaxy, they discover other species – some of them very similar to humans. Anu will show them that our history is different to what we’ve always believed.

While our protagonists are discovering the truth about human history, a man with a dark past is hell-bent on destroying the ships and will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission. Will this mean the death of millions of people?

Circle in the Sand

Alan and Sam will discover that a Circle in the Sand can contain life that is significant. They learn that life of all sizes is precious and that every action has a consequence.

Circle in the Sand is now finished and is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It’s a very different kind of book for Fox Emerson and one that I’m sure will appeal to a wider audience.

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