Toby Available on AmazonToby‘s world is filled with drugs, prostitution and ghosts from his past. His life as a bisexual sex worker in Barcelona is spiraling out of control as he realises that in order to escape, he must win over the power his childhood demons have over him.

While he flirts with a potential love for Jakob, he also meets Ariana and is caught up in her beauty and is quickly torn between the two.

When his mother dies, he returns to his Texan home town to confront his past and with a determination to bury it, once and for all. What he finds there is his own tortured past.

Will he make the right choices?

Toby the book is available now here.

“Toby is an interesting story, one that began writing itself while I was on holiday in Barcelona. My intention had been to continue edits for my Monique book, but he wouldn’t leave me alone. His voice was insistent and forceful. As soon as I began to write Toby, the story began to create itself. Most authors will tell you that a book will often take on a life of its own, and that some characters already exist and that we just need to put them into a story. That is very true of Toby who is as lifelike as any living person that I know.”

“Toby is one of the most sexually provocative stories I’ve ever written. I really feel that there’s some elements to the story which will resonate with many readers. He’s very sexually active and some of the sex scenes are…let’s say, a little steamy. There’s also a killer on the loose, which came into being about halfway through the book. It will be interesting to see the reader reaction.”

Toby Fox Emerson Book