The Peace Ambassador

The Peace Ambassador

A Story About Resolving Terrorism

I had a dream…and throughout the night, I kept coming back to a story I created that was so real to me, that I woke up in a sweat – because it is actually 40 degrees celcius in Italy atm – and also because the dream was filled with terror. I had a whole story that I created in this dream and I decided to call it The Peace Ambassador. Throughout that day, this story wouldn’t leave me alone. By that night, I’d begun to write the story down into a book. Within a week, half the book is already written.

The Beginning

The Peace Ambassador starts with a terrorism scene in which an average guy performs a heroic act. Two terrorists suddenly appear in an outdoor mall and begin shooting innocent shoppers with rifles. Andrea – this may not be his actual name by the time the book is finished – seizes an opportunity to disable one of the terrorists from his hidden vantage point. As soon as he does this, he is faced with the other terrorist pointing a rifle at him. He has no choice but to shoot him or be killed.

Andrea then runs among the victims and tries to support them and comfort them. He even pulls in passersby and forces them to assist the victims. By the time the ambulance arrives, he has already comforted over a dozen people.

The media arrive and interview him; as humble as he is, he tries to downplay his role. However, the witnesses describe his reaction as heroic and describe his involvement as astonishingly unselfish.

Andrea wakes the next day to discover he has over 4 billion Twitter followers and has become the most famous person on earth.

Meeting the Terrorist

A day after the terrosist attacks, Andrea is contacted by the leader of the terrosist group based in Syria. He wants to meet with Andrea and discuss some of the comments that Andrea had made. When Andrea decides to meet with the terrorist leader, the world is divided about whether he should go through with it. The world is wondering whether the peace ambassador is the right person for such a meeting and just as a global outcry for someone to step in and make a decision is made, Andrea disappears.

A video later that night appears on live television in which Andrea addresses the world and summarises decisions that have come from his negotiations with the leader of terrorism.

The Outcome

Several shocking truths come out of the meeting with the terrorism leader and Andrea. The most talked about, is the agreement that Andrea has made – on behalf of the entire world – to forigive the terrorists for all past acts in exchange for a new peace treaty.

While the public are dismayed that such a shocking treaty could even be suggested, let alone proposed, Andrea moves full-steam ahead with a new agenda.

There’s also a proposal for the world to move towards living without money – yes, a very big call.

The New World Order

Political and financial support streams in from all over the world by both public and private figures for Andrea’s new venture. The reality that all of what he is trying to achieve is world peace, is often forgotten and needs a continual reminder.

When the peace ambassador moves forward with suggestions that will change the world economy, the superpowers and leaders of individual countries and the way they have always done things, his life is in jeapardy. Several attacks are made on his life by those who don’t agree with his policies and decisions.

Will the peace ambassador actually attain world peace? Even if it means changing some of the long-held world views that refuse to be changed?

Will the leader of terrorism protect the peace ambassador from the world at large?

This story is big, it is being written now and it is the greatest undertaking of my writing career. The ending, will shock you. Hell, it will shock me too, given I haven’t even written it.

Look out for The Peace Ambassador coming soon.

While I’ve written a biography about a female prostitute, a male prostitute, a holy shit the world is about to end kind of book and a gay boy‘s first time, this venture is definitely interesting and different for me.

Here’s the thing, I’m going to just have digital copies to start with and will soon start a preorder on places like Amazon and Smashwords etc. but I will not create a physical paperback unless, I receive a LOT of support from you the reader that you’d read this. If you do, then I’ll do it. If you don’t, then it’s digital only. You tell ME what YOU want.


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