The Peace Ambassador

On a typical spring day, amidst the buzz of art-loving tourists roaming the tantalizing Piazza di Santa Croce in Florence, two terrorists destroy this idyllic scene and bring down innocent people and create The Peace Ambassador.

Andrea, is not a hero. Yet by the very definition, his actions as this unfold are in every sense heroic.

The televised media frenzy and social media have branded him The Peace Ambassador, because he dared to speak out against terrorism and to propose that peace is attainable, achievable; doable.

Simon, Andrea’s husband, supports him, is branded as heroic by association and is as sensible as Andrea, yet both are thrown when they are confronted by a meeting with the leader of the terrorists and find themselves seated opposite him over dinner.

Andrea and Simon are running for their lives against an enemy that has ruled the world for centuries and is not about to relinquish its reign.

The Peace Ambassador – #TPA is coming in early 2018.