Books and Availability

At present, you can purchase Monique, Mr 303, Toby, A Boy Called Q, The Life of Q and Lucy on Amazon Kindle. Amazon’s Createspace is where you will find paperbacks. You will also find copies at Apple iBooks, Nook and some other retailers.

Below are physical stores where you can find copies of Fox Emerson physical books.

Please check with the bookstores before you drop in to make sure there’s a copy waiting for you.


Paperback – South Ealing153 S Ealing Rd, London W5, United Kingdom

Paperback South Ealing Fox Emerson


Paperback Exchange – Florence – Via delle Oche, 4Red, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Paperback Exchange Florence Italy Fox Emerson


*Are you a bookstore? Do you want to sell my books exclusively in your city? Please contact me.