Mr 303 2

This book is going to take awhile, as of July 27th – 2016, I had some pretty good ideas for this book and I quickly realised that those ideas are going to take time to resolve. My original intention was to release it by September 2016 but it’s looking more likely during 2020. Some delay, huh?

The bio…

The world has been devastated by the Super-Cyto virus which has decimated the human population. In fact, it seems that almost 90% of the world’s population has perished.

The remaining survivors are scattered around the world and some have made contact with each other using Ham radios.

With a battered world, comes weathered people who must find a way to survive against the odds and without destroying who is left.

Mr 303, Bella and her family find themselves on a farm in the outback of Australia and with more to worry about than dwindling food supplies. It seems the virus hasn’t quite finished with them yet. There’s also other dangers which they could never have dreamed would suddenly surface. Cities no longer exist and there’s some surprising changes in the survivors.

Does Mr 303 discover his family have survived? Will Kayla and Herbie hold on to what they once lost? And who is Sian? Why is she all alone in Los Angeles and so integral to the story? Will Chris and Lina run out of much needed supplies? How will Lavina cope alone with her child in Andalucia?

The sequel to Mr 303 is coming soon. There will be a total of 2 books in The Dystopian Nightmare.