Is aging a disease Fox Emerson

Is Aging a Disease?

Is Aging a Disease? Homosexuality was considered a disease as recently as in 1974, yet as of 2018, homosexuals (doesn’t that oversized word conjure up images of beefy, hairy men in chaps?) can marry in most culturally advanced countries around the world. We’ve come a long way in terms of attitudes towards minority groups; so[…]

The Changing Landscape

The Changing Landscape

The Changing Landscape Times, they are a-changing. Women are wearing pant-suits and cutting their hair short, while men grow ponytails (top-knots) and wear dresses, and gay men and women are legally marrying. This marks the beginning of a new era of acceptance in the ever-growing and changing landscape. We’re evolving ladies and gentlemen. Don’t like[…]

Meaning Time Fox Emerson

The Meaning of Time and Other Cyclical Nonsense

The Meaning of Time and Other Cyclical Nonsense A Pointless Short Story. Or is it? “Let’s do this,” he asked her, it was a question – but sounded like it wasn’t. “You know what’s going to happen this time? Don’t…” the look of sadness was unmistakable. “Hey…shhhh” he leaned in closer, they could not have[…]

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Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs

Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs Imagine that YOU are my next book I’m a perverted, disgusting, filthy-minded man who writes about topics which nearly always feature sex rape and drugs. But not just normal, missionary-style sex, oh no…I’m getting into rough sex, sex with lies that trick you into having drugs against your will.[…]

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Pop Singers

Pop Singers Glitz, Glamor and Candy for your Ears Teenagers are sexually growing beings who obsess over something that gives them escapism. Some people love to read, others get lost in a movie or a TV series, while others, while away the time obsessing over their favorite artists – including Pop Singers. Fans of science[…]

Is Bromance Gay Fox Emerson

Is Bromance Gay?

Is Bromance Gay? No smart person could question… is bromance gay? Especially if they understood what Bromance is. A bromance is a close relationship between two guys that isn’t sexual in nature and usually very intense. In today’s far-too-complicated world of stereotypes and seemingly-necessary labels it seems that we must categorise everyone. If two guys are remarkably[…]

Should Parenting Require a License Fox Emerson

Should Parenting Require a License?

Should Parenting Require a License? Child abuse, drug abuse – who decides whether parenting require a license? It’s none of your business whether or not your neighbor’s are bad parents. Or is it? What if you were later to discover that those people sexually abused their children? Should parenting require a license? Would it be[…]

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Accidentally Entering Cougar Town – Turn Back Now!

Meanwhile in Cougar Town Accidentally Cougar Town Liesel had a hangover, but still she made it to work, even if the bags under her eyes were big enough for a grocery shop and the bottom of her mouth tasted only marginally like the bottom of a birdcage. Either way, she had no idea that this[…]

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Toby – A Male Escort’s Journey

Toby – A Male Escort’s Journey Toby – a sample chapter is below. This is the beginning of the story, where it all begins. Dallas, Texas – Present Day Pelting rain against the back of his neck caused him to flinch, while the sound of thunder—as if to provide a soundtrack—boomed loudly in his ears.[…]

Sian – A Sample Chapter Mr 303 Part Two

Sian A Sample Chapter From Mr 303 Part Two The following is a sample chapter called Falling Stars, about Sian – a character from Mr 303 Part One and Two. Please note that this has not been edited or finalised. It is simply a rough draft and a teaser for those that have read the[…]

Transgender Flag Sexual Identity Fox Emerson

Sexual Identity

Sexual Identity Identification Labels and Other Corrections So, over the last few months, as I’ve been writing a book about a bisexual prostitute living in Barcelona, I did a ton of research on sexuality and sexual identity and became a little confused myself. I’ve also written a short tale about a young guy who experiments[…]

Toby Fox Emerson Book Bored Housewives and Sexy Moms

Bored Housewives and Sexy Moms

Bored Housewives and Sexy Moms Annie lifted her eyes up toward the ceiling but registered nothing other than the tongue that was deep inside her. She felt him slightly pull it out, cool air rushed in before he suddenly pushed it in deeper and she enjoyed the sudden warmth as well as the sensations his[…]

Who is Madonna? Fox Emerson Blog

Who is Madonna

Who is Madonna And why should you care? Being able to continually create a persona and encourage others to believe in that persona, that’s a marketing genius. Creating ballads, riffs, lyrics that all work together along with a visually stunning performance is challenging, to say the least. From the lesser-known streets of New York City[…]

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Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking When there’s demand, there’s supply. Right now in the world, there’s a big demand for prostitution. Because of this, Sex Trafficking is more in demand than at any other time in our history. Sex Trafficking is a modern form of slavery. Victims are lured by many means, including; Social Media Bars Schools Through[…]

Abused Children and Prostitution Fox Emerson

Abused Children and Prostitution

Abused Children and Prostitution In my book Toby, which is due for release around May 2016, I created a character based on someone I know. After some in depth research into the research of abused children, especially boys, I was disgusted and shocked to see the numbers. This blog post on Abused Children and Prostitution[…]

Fox Emerson Monique Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits Who is this sexy mom breaking bad habits I hear you ask? Let me introduce you to Monique. She’s a real slut. Well, let’s say that she was. It was her job to be, you know…because well…she was a prostitute. A damn good one. She was known by her clients[…]

Fox Emerson Monique Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating Let’s face it, prostitution is fascinating. Let me tell you why prostitution is fascinating, in my opinion anyway. Because most of us haven’t done it, probably haven’t even thought about it. Though I’m sure more of us (than would care to admit), have said it jokingly. The idea of having sex[…]