Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Fox Emerson Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Let’s face it, prostitution is fascinating. Let me tell you why prostitution is fascinating, in my opinion anyway. Because most of us haven’t done it, probably haven’t even thought about it. Though I’m sure more of us (than would care to admit), have said it jokingly. The idea of having sex all day and getting paid for it, the idea that your day is a constant line up of no strings sex.

“I’d sell myself if I knew there’d be a buyer” I joked with a friend, who’s response was “We both know there isn’t, so let’s not waste time on that”.

With friends like this, who needs enemies…

It’s said to be the world’s oldest profession, with accounts of prostitution in earliest recorded historic texts. If you have nothing else, then you might get food, shelter, gold or money for sex, is how the story goes.

In today’s society, prostitution is big business, I know because I just wrote a whole bloody book about it. It’s massive business in fact, if the trade wasn’t so underground in most cultures around the world, we’d probably find it is in fact the busiest industry. Sex sells, sexy selling itself sells more, talking about sexy selling itself, sells. Confused? Me too, but that’s how I roll.

I know why prostitution is fascinating, it’s because most of us wouldn’t have the courage to do it. We think it’s beneath us, yet, we’re also a little bit curious about what kind of people do this. Wouldn’t a job where we get paid to have sex with lots and lots of people be exciting?

To a teenage boy, that idea is more than exciting, it’s fascinating. Teenage boys fantasize about sex a lot and can’t wait to get their hands on a bit.

There’s a stigma attached to prostitution that it’s a lowly profession, it’s a dirty, dark-alley kind of job. In most cases, that’s probably about right. However, for a large number of hookers, it’s not. It’s clean rooms, heavily sanitised and usually mundane and boring activity. The same shit every day.

Ask Monique, who I spent months talking to about the book we wrote, and her response will be “I did what I did to survive, using the only tools I had. It’s not like I had a lot of choice a lot of the time, especially in the beginning and yeah, I got bored, not quite filing my nails but not too far off”.

Ask her today if she would have sex for money again and she will adamantly assure you that those days are over. While it served it’s purpose then, it certainly wouldn’t today.

“No way. That’s not who I am today, I’m not disgusted by the idea, but I’m as averse to doing it as the next person”.

Interesting isn’t it? Fascinating in fact, she did it then because she had to, yet today, she’d probably feel the same way as most of us do about prostitution. With one key difference.

She’s done it, she wouldn’t be fascinated by it because she’s lived it.

I was fascinated delving into this world when I wrote my new book ‘Monique‘ which comes out in January. In fact, I was so fascinated by it that I’m already half-way through a second book on prostitution called ‘Toby‘.


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