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Toby – A Male Escort’s Journey

Toby – A Male Escort’s Journey Toby – a sample chapter is below. This is the beginning of the story, where it all begins. Dallas, Texas – Present Day Pelting rain against the back of his neck caused him to flinch, while the sound of thunder—as if to provide a soundtrack—boomed loudly in his ears.[…]

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Sex Trafficking Fox Emerson Website

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking When there’s demand, there’s supply. Right now in the world, there’s a big demand for prostitution. Because of this, Sex Trafficking is more in demand than at any other time in our history. Sex Trafficking is a modern form of slavery. Victims are lured by many means, including; Social Media Bars Schools Through[…]

Abused Children and Prostitution Fox Emerson

Abused Children and Prostitution

Abused Children and Prostitution In my book Toby, which is due for release around May 2016, I created a character based on someone I know. After some in depth research into the research of abused children, especially boys, I was disgusted and shocked to see the numbers. This blog post on Abused Children and Prostitution[…]

Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings Fox Emerson Monique

Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings

Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings People Looking for my Book Monique – Meanwhile I’m Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings The following is a piss-take /humorous take on the obsession of Amazon rankings. It is not designed to be taken seriously. Refresh. 1 Download. Refresh. 1 Download. Refresh. 1 Download. It’s been a whole 3 seconds and I[…]

Fox Emerson Monique Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits Who is this sexy mom breaking bad habits I hear you ask? Let me introduce you to Monique. She’s a real slut. Well, let’s say that she was. It was her job to be, you know…because well…she was a prostitute. A damn good one. She was known by her clients[…]

Fox Emerson Monique Sexy Mom Breaking Bad Habits

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating Let’s face it, prostitution is fascinating. Let me tell you why prostitution is fascinating, in my opinion anyway. Because most of us haven’t done it, probably haven’t even thought about it. Though I’m sure more of us (than would care to admit), have said it jokingly. The idea of having sex[…]