“I’m not ashamed of who I am, what I stand for or what I do.”

Shame Fox Emerson


Far too many young men and women and those who fit somewhere in between, experience shame because of social conditioning. It’s too easy to make people feel bad. There’s a horrid video and post about a Syrian refugee who was bullied by a 16 year old kid. The 16 year old, has apparently been charged. But do you know the repercussions of that action that will unfortunately fill this poor refugee with shame for the remainder of his life? He’s going to feel bad through no fault of his own, nor anything he had any control over.

This is 2018 and we still live like savages. We claim to be an advanced race of humans with our flying drones. We’ve developed super-computing processing power and ability to land vehicles on Mars! But underneath that all, we create and manufacture guns that regularly kill people. We allow bullying in spaces where our children are supposed to be protected by teachers. These teachers are working in an education system that is failing everyone.

There are parents in this world who probably shouldn’t be parents.


One story that I haven’t quite finished, is currently going by the name of ‘Angels’. A young boy is filled with shame when his Father reacts with disgust to effeminate mannerism. The unfortunate sad fact is that this is a common story for many in this archaic world that quickly needs to work on it’s ethos. I believe that generations will suffer as a result of this poor kid’s treatment. He will never recover – even with a lifetime of therapy. This has a snowball effect on others. In school, they might become a bully, or they may not even be a survivor and decide the shame is too much and commit suicide. They may go on to become an avid troll and put many down just to make himself feel better at any opportunity they get.

A Boy Called Q

Another popular free book I wrote called A Boy Called Q. In this book, we witness first hand how quickly self-doubt can turn to self-blame and spiral quickly into a depression that leads to suicide.

We spend countless hours trying to piece our lives back together all because of some shit parenting, or some pretty horrible experiences when we are younger. As kids, we are vulnerable, we are weak and we require nurturing environments to mature with very careful care. That’s if we even survive being a teenager.

Circle in the Sand

In Circle in the Sand, I wrote about the fine balance that Sam and Alan experience with each planet they visit with their God. They witness how seemingly small life forms struggle to survive.

We humans are bullies; with little regard to the feelings and thoughts of others, yet we demand that others care for us.

We should all tread a little lightly and start showing a little more compassion so that we end prejudice, bullying and homophobia once and for all.

Don’t we need to do that we before we even consider calling ourselves advanced anything. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting something to change is just plain stupid?

We ALL need to change how we treat one another I believe we need to do that now if we expect to survive this technological adolescence.

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