New Short Gay Fiction Story

New Short Gay Fiction Story

Because Short Stories are so Easy to Read

For those of you who enjoyed my Short Gay Fiction Story – A Boy Called Q and the sequel – The Life of Q are going to be happy to hear that there’s a new one on the way. It’s another short, gay fiction.

The current running name I have for it is Hide and Cheat, though that may change by the release date – which I expect to be around May/early June. The story is almost finished and I’m currently fixing up the ending and adding some extra spice to the MM sex scene.

Yes, a whole MM sex scene.

Hide and Cheat

Levi is a fairly simple guy who met Paula during high school in this unnamed, small town. After marriage, there’s a period in this story where Levi and Paula are considering starting a family. There’s only one problem.


Matt and Levi have been best of friends since they were both 10 years old and like most kids, they’ve explored everything. Including each other.

In Hide and Cheat, we see a relationship that could have been and another that should never have been.

Short Gay Fiction

There’s something about writing short gay fiction that really allows you to express something that’s potentially hidden. Perhaps it’s a romanticised notion that two guys in a union seem so perfect and without the complications of children. Maybe it’s because for many people it’s just a simple fantasy, a window into a world that will never be real, therefore the fantasy is purely that. And for others, it is a hope that they may aspire to.

While short gay fiction isn’t a big industry, especially with MM themes, there’s no shortage of readers for the genre. It’s many people’s secret delight sometimes, to have a sordid story to sink into that’s simple, short and um, racy.

I’m hoping the sex between Levi and Matt is as exciting as the sex in Q’s stories is. I also hope it’s as warming and deep as it was in Toby.

A Young Man’s Suicide

For those of you who loved the Q books, there’s a sequel coming and it will surprise you because you won’t expect where it’s going.

Q made a tough choice in A Boy Called Q, which luckily, in The Life of Q, was salvaged as he was given a second chance.

The Life of Q begins in the afterlife, as Q realizes the terrible mistake he’s made and is given the opportunity to return and fix that mistake. While he’s in the afterlife, he’s given glimpses into a life that he’d lived as well as one that he could have lived.

In book 3, which I’m about to begin, we’re going back to the afterlife and we’ll see what other choices Q could have made.

Of all the characters I’ve created, Q is the most complex and the most difficult to write because he’s quite shy and difficult to read. Q doesn’t vocalize his emotions and his inner-most thoughts as much as we’d like, so we’re left wondering what he’s really thinking.

In book 3, we’re going to get inside Q’s head and obviously, inside someone else’s bed. You’ll have to wait and see exactly what’s in store for Q.

You can pre-order a copy of Hide and Cheat here. When it comes out, it will automatically be sent to your Kindle and you’ll be notified.

As always, I ask that you review any of the books as the only way I get your feedback is via the reviews. Tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like. It allows me to give you what you want in my next books.


Hide and Cheat

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