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Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs

Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs Imagine that YOU are my next book I’m a perverted, disgusting, filthy-minded man who writes about topics which nearly always feature sex rape and drugs. But not just normal, missionary-style sex, oh no…I’m getting into rough sex, sex with lies that trick you into having drugs against your will.[…]

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Being Original When Being Genuine is Better

Being Original Can’t be original? Be genuine instead. Being original is almost…dare I say it, impossible. It’s all been done before.  The art of originality has been lost, convoluted, diluted, shaken and stirred – then thrown out or simply forgotten. The more we try to be original, the more we discover it’s not only been[…]

Best Books Fox Emerson

Must Read and Best Books for 2017

Best Books Where are those hidden gems? My best books. Nothing beats curling up with a hot drink (or a strong vino) in your favorite reading spot, reading the best books. A book will take you from that armchair anywhere you want to go. Fantasy It’s not just J.K. Rowling who magically whisked us away[…]

Top Steps to a Better Website Fox Emerson

Top Steps to a Better Website

Top Steps to a Better Website Trying to work out why you aren’t appearing in Google results? Here’s some quick and easy tips on how to enhance performance, which will ultimately help you get closer to page 1 of Google results. Whether you’re an author, blogger, retailer, services or any other type of website, these Top[…]

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Bleugh A coherent, insightful, intelligent, helpful, honest request to review from the heart I stepped in dog shit and said, “Bleugh.” Occasionally, I’ll eat something that is off or not tasty and will say, “Bleugh.” Maybe, very infrequently, I might have watched a movie, read a book, or listened to a new tune and said,[…]

Author Spotlight on Reddit Fox Emerson

A Successful Author Spotlight on Reddit

A Successful Author Spotlight on Reddit WOW! What a night that was and so much fun too. 2,000 upvotes and over 350 comments and I thought I was going to get ignored on my very first ever Author Spotlight on Reddit. When I first spoke to the mods over at /r/books on Reddit about doing[…]

Trolls on Forums

Trolls on Forums

Trolls on Forums It is so easy to tell someone that they are a piece of shit human being when you are hiding your own ugly, puss-filled face behind a keyboard. You’re completely anonymous – so therefore, it is your God given right to slam anyone that you want, anytime, anywhere, any way you fucking[…]

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How to Write Your First Book

How to Write Your First Book And get it to sell When you were a kid, you learned to walk, you fell out of tree houses – scraped your knee, maybe even broke a limb or two. You got up, continued to perfect this thing we call trying-to-grow up. Along the way, you accumulated some[…]

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Amazon Will Stop Free Books

Amazon Will Stop Free Books The latest rumour to come from Amazon is that Amazon will stop free books from going anywhere. And with good reason. Free books don’t make money for anyone and Amazon want to make money. So should the author. Books take time to write, cost money to edit and publish and[…]

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Free Books Really

Free Books Really? WHY? Why would anyone spend months writing a book, researching a story, paying hundreds – editing costs around US$1,000 for a standard sized book, cover design – a couple hundred, reviewing it, proofing it, sending out free copies – at your expense – to key reviewers – in the hopes that they[…]

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Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings

Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings People Looking for my Book Monique – Meanwhile I’m Obsessing Over Amazon Rankings The following is a piss-take /humorous take on the obsession of Amazon rankings. It is not designed to be taken seriously. Refresh. 1 Download. Refresh. 1 Download. Refresh. 1 Download. It’s been a whole 3 seconds and I[…]

The Age of Entitlement Fox Emerson Free Books

The Age of Entitlement

The Age of Entitlement Make no mistake, the Age of Entitlement is definitely nigh. Don’t look at under 30 somethings and blame them. We are all to blame. It’s us. We are the Age of Entitlement – all of us alive right now. My friend’s 6 year old child gave me more to think about[…]

Authors Getting Bad Reviews on Amazon Fox Emerson

Authors Getting Bad Reviews on Amazon

Authors Getting Bad Reviews on Amazon OH MY GOD! The unthinkable happened. I got a 3 star review for my recently released book ‘Monique’ and I was devastated. Monique came out early January on Amazon and Createspace and I was fairly pleased with the slow but positive reviews the book started getting. I joined Goodreads,[…]

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Where Do I Advertise My Book?

Where Do I Advertise My Book? I’ve written the next top seller, great. Now what? It’s sitting on that shelf on Amazon, watching tumbleweeds blow past. But Where Do I Advertise My Book? After almost putting money into websites which looked like i’d get a good return, i started researching which sites would perform best,[…]