How to become famous in 24 hours and lose weight

How to Become Famous in 24 Hours and Lose Weight in the Process

How to Become Famous in 24 Hours and Lose Weight in the Process And other nonsensical suggestions for you The best advice anyone will give you about how to become famous is by considering what you’re going to become famous for, first. Then, systematically and methodically apply your talents – or lack of, towards achieving[…]

Hollywood Romance Lucy Fox Emerson

Hollywood Romance Books

Hollywood Romance Books I did it. I wrote and published my first Hollywood Romance Novel. Phew. Imagine if you were thrown into the spotlight at just 16. How would you cope? What would change in your world? How do you think your relationships with family and friends would adjust to such a different existence? Most[…]

Sex Rape and Drugs Fox Emerson Blog

Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs

Writing about Sex Rape and Drugs Imagine that YOU are my next book I’m a perverted, disgusting, filthy-minded man who writes about topics which nearly always feature sex rape and drugs. But not just normal, missionary-style sex, oh no…I’m getting into rough sex, sex with lies that trick you into having drugs against your will.[…]

Pop Singers - Fox Emerson

Pop Singers

Pop Singers Glitz, Glamor and Candy for your Ears Teenagers are sexually growing beings who obsess over something that gives them escapism. Some people love to read, others get lost in a movie or a TV series, while others, while away the time obsessing over their favorite artists – including Pop Singers. Fans of science[…]