Why WE Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves

Why WE Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves

Because we created a world filled with terror. We created ISIS. When the US led NATO went in and destabilized the Middle East, we left millions of people without homes. Now we’re arguing about who should take those refugees in…that’s why we should be ashamed of ourselves. We kicked the hornet’s nest and ran and hid like cowards. Now we watch as terrorists kill innocent people on sidewalks in London Westminster, Brussels Airport, German markets…where’s next? Who will we pray to next? Is this our new reality?

We’ve created poisonous food, put a label on it and marketed and promoted it as though it’s healthy for us when in fact it’s giving us cancer, alzheimer’s, arthritis and a host of other incurable diseases and causing premature death numbering in the millions. Our children are eating cookies and sweets marketed to them and it’s killing them. Food is intentionally sold that is clearly dangerous.To give you an example, table salt is comprised of 1/3 salt, 1/3 glass and 1/3 sand and when ingested, it shreds your nerves. How could we let that happen? How did that get approved?

We let big pharmaceuticals dictate who lives or dies. They are blocking cures because it doesn’t benefit them and we’re turning a blind eye, meanwhile hundreds of millions of people are dying every year. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Since when did letting Doctors get a percentage of revenue from pharmaceuticals if you accept chemotherapy become a good idea? Don’t you think the Doctors will recommend chemotherapy even if it isn’t good for you? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Because we allowed an imbecile to become President of the United States and leader of the free world, we obviously didn’t learn from Hitler’s reign. Let’s hang our heads in shame, we all contributed and let this happen now we’re on a fast train, soaring downhill with no brakes. We all know where this is going.

We listen/read/watch stories of people who go through hell and we feel little to no empathy for them and treat it as entertainment. The news has become entertainment and that’s so fucking messed up I’m ashamed enough for all of us. I can’t even watch the news it’s so distressing.

We watch entire animal species disappear while we excitedly get our latest smartphone. Ice shelves in Antarctica are melting and turning into rivers while we argue about whether or not Global Warming or Man Made Global Warming is real – who cares? Why aren’t we fixing it?

7.5 billion people currently live in a world when scientists warned the breaking point would be 5 billion. Where are the next billion going when we can’t afford to feed so many already.

We’re spreading like a disease, planning on taking our problems to Mars and the Moon and who knows where else. I doubt we’ve earned the right to go forth and see other planets until we learn to coexist on this one. In fact, if there’s intelligent species are out there they’d be wise to refuse us entry. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

We think the Fiat currency is doing ok, when in fact it’s crumbling fast and destroying all economies. We’re on the brink of self-induced armaggeddon and we’ve become good at tuning that reality out and tuning the Kardashians in because that’s more entertaining. Worse, far too many people don’t even know what the Fiat currency is and yet our lives depend on it.

We still have the audacity to judge the color of someone’s skin, their sexual preference or the downtime activities of others. I play Pokemon, get over it and I won’t judge you while you watch stupid-idol/voice/bullshit-whisperer whatever it’s called television.

It’s an unfortunate reality that none of this will be resolved until we have a near extinction type event and even then, you can bet that some smart-ass politician is going to try and recreate it and we’re going to do the same sheep-like thing and let them.

Or, we could say enough is enough. Information is power and with enough power, together, we can change it. Let’s change it. Before it changes us.

Let’s change direction so we can be a species that we’re proud of. Educate yourself.

How? Who’s got a clue on how we steer this sinking ship out of danger? All I know is that for us to realize there’s a problem, we have to acknowledge we have one.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing the world to get into this state.

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