The Magician

The Magician

Trump’s Sleight of Hand

The world is in awe of the greatest magician history has ever seen. Donald Trump’s sleight of hand is unbeatable. He is, without question, the magician of the century with an audience of billions. Without question, 2017 thus far has proven that the orange man is by far the most famous person on the planet.

While he’s performing all these tricks that are so mind-boggling, we’re so focused on him that we can’t see anything else. In fact, it’s so riveting that we don’t even want to know what else is going on. The best reality TV show we have ever seen.

The Magician

While a magician’s best trickery is their ability to misdirect your attention, their overall performance is the greatest trick of all. Watch what the left hand is doing over here…meanwhile, what’s really going on with the right hand? Where did it vanish to? Do we really care? What’s happening with the left hand is too good to move our attention away, even for a second.

Ever seen Cirque du Soleil? The show has been perfected very well to the point that you are engaged throughout. Ever remember watching Cirque du Soleil and glancing at the time? Nope? That’s because the creators artfully put together a show that was so fascinating that you really can’t look away.

Donald Trump is the magician that all magicians aspire to become. His ability to create an illusion that shifts our attention is unbeatable. His followers are enamored by his charisma, coupled with the right words at the right time, making his show, riveting.

Liar Liar

There’s a manipulation of interest here that is unparalleled. One of the greatest feats the magician has performed is by taking a very small truth and making it become reality. As an example, we all know that CNN and The New York Times aren’t always real news, but they give you a summary of what’s really going on. Trump has managed to convince the world that they are ‘fake media’ while trying to promote news agencies that will never defy him. In his first week of office, he’s done his best to discredit the largest media outlets, and if he’s successful, the magician will easily discredit them and they will vanish.

The magician’s ability is to use smoke and mirrors to provide you with entertainment. Has Trump provided entertainment? Is that even disputable? Nobody is watching anything else. Nothing else matters right now while the magician is carefully aligning his interests into a strategy that is so complex, it will take historians a decade to decypher.

How Do We Deal With The Magician’s Lies?

Ignore them.

There’s some pretty damn good chocolate in the world that you’d probably swim in, if you didn’t have to worry about getting fat. Candy, music, drugs, alcohol – whatever your Kryptonite is, you’ve learned to moderate how much you can have.

We binge on our favorite television series or movies, but then life carries on and we get on with our lives. There’s a time and place for everything. Right now, the magician is drawing your attention to him by performing greater tricks to keep you engaged.

Tune out. Moderate what you see and hear. I wrote about the Remaining Positive here and doing something other than letting the Magician lure you in.

Read books, go play sports, eat those candies and chocolate but get away from the show.

History will teach us that the magician was the most dangerous thing that happened to our generation.

The Final Outcome

“Off with their heads!” The crowd chanted as the Queen of Hearts demanded that someone she didn’t like be beheaded. The crowd were so captivated by the Queen’s charm that they cheered her on.

My fear is that in days to come, Americans will be standing on the sidelines chanting, “burn them! burn them! burn them!” as Muslims are marched to the gas chamber.

Think it can’t happen?

It seems the magician has already been effective at capturing your attention and not letting go, because it already happened in history. Many, many times.

Is Trump Going to Cause WW3? I already wrote about my optimism on that here.

What’s really happening while the magician has captivated your attention?

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  1. Hansen February 1, 2017 09:10 at 9:10 am

    Great post but I hope you’re wrong! I don’t think that Trump is that calculative or intelligent personally.

  2. Banana Republic February 2, 2017 17:04 at 5:04 pm

    I agree! I hadn’t thought about the sleight of hand, it’s food for thought.

  3. Zeroarticulis February 8, 2017 17:41 at 5:41 pm

    Very good! Hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps it is aliens and disclosure that is being hidden? hmmm?


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