The Truth is a Lie

Ask yourself this; who can you trust right now? Who in your life do you know without a shadow of a doubt, is telling you the truth? Would you know if the truth is a lie?

The unfortunate situation that most countries have created for themselves is that the people within them no longer believe what they’re told. This became apparent recently, with the Swedish Government asking people to social distance themselves during this pandemic and it seeming to work. The reason why it appears to be working is simple; Swedish people trust the Swedish Government more than most other residents of other countries.

It would be fair to say that a Government that earns respect from it’s people would primarily be because they’re honest with them to earn that trust.

China Lied People Died

Let’s take China’s Communist Party, which rules China with an iron fist as an extreme example in the other direction. People in China are being killed and jailed, to stop them from releasing information to the rest of the world.

China have lied so much during the Covid-19 pandemic that nobody, including the Chinese people, believes their Government. They said nearly 4,000 people died in China from Covid-19, yet USA and UK intelligence seems to have discovered evidence that the real number is higher than approximately 100,000 deaths.

There’s been a really popular hashtag trending on Twitter for weeks now; #chinaliedpeopledied

There’s so much information coming out now, from various television, radio, internet, social media forums that it’s hard to tune out from it all. And also, how much of it can you believe?

On social media, I follow a number of independent journalists that I feel are reporting some truths. I choose these words carefully because, like most of the residents of Great Britain, I think that most truths turn out to be lies. We’ve all become detectives trying to filter out the bs and find the truth.

Australia have had to make a difficult decision recently with regards to China, after discovering that Chinese companies have been spying on them. Relationships worldwide are strained because we’ve realised that a truth that we ignored for so long, has finally bitten us on our ignorant asses.

Chinese companies, unlike companies in other countries, must report all data gathered to the Chinese Communist Party – the Chinese Government. So, any Chinese company operating in Australia, the USA, the UK, Italy etc, must report all data gathered to the Chinese Government. This means the Chinese Government know everything about everyone around the world.

All your secrets.

Chinese owned company Huawei, who were in the process of being appointed lucrative 5G contracts all around the world, were discovered to be including spying technology in this. It turns out, the spying technology is in all Huawei products. This is the reason why Australia have decided not to proceed with Huawei for their 5G rollout.

Oh and by the way, I would not be using TikTok if I were you.

We’ve reached a critical point in our lives; we’re a generation experiencing some scary, big shit. A pandemic that scientists warned us was coming, but we ignored, hit us. And we watched our Governments, who happily took our taxes, do nothing. In fact, they acted surprised when they had plenty of time to act and had plenty of warning. And we’re supposed to have trust in our Governments?

The problem here is that we just don’t believe them. They might be telling the truth, but we’ll probably find out in the future that they weren’t. This is the problem with Governments building societies that are easily corruptible. If there’s money involved, there’ll be corruption.

Can you trust your Government?

The 5G Conspiracy

Let me tell you the truth about the 5G conspiracy. 5G, just like 4G, transmits non-ionizing radiation. This is not the same as ionizing radiation, which can cause living cells to either die, to repair itself, or cause the cell to mutate incorrectly and become cancerous.

Non-ionizing radiation, especially in low levels, hasn’t been proven to have any adverse ‘notable’ effect on humans.

However, not enough study has been done to determine that it’s completely safe. During the initial 5G tests in The Hague (in The Netherlands), a flock of birds fell out of the sky when the 5G towers were first turned on. There’s some growing fear that 5G towers may interfere with living cells.

The problem with this new type of technology is that not enough study has been done on it. The financial benefits of the implementation of this technology and the backhanders that it provides, is suitably enough to become corruptible. The UK, just like many other Governments around the world, are implementing 5G, but has it been tested enough? Thoroughly?

Now, let’s not confuse the current conspiracy theory we’ve all read that states that 5G causes or propagates coronavirus. That’s just batshit crazy.

As someone who works in technology, I can tell you that this the most strange, absurd claim I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard many. Coronavirus is a virus, and it is proliferating just as well in countries that do not have 5G (or even 4G in some instances). That is the only proof you need that 5G does not affect Covid-19. Do not buy into the hype. That’s it; that is all there is. As soon as you start to hear that 5G has anything to do with Covid-19, think about Africa, New Zealand and Australia, and many other countries that do not have 5G yet. Before you start buying into this claim, please use your brain and do a quick Google search to verify that what I’m telling you is true.

Also, at the time of writing this, Covid-19 has already killed 200,000 people around the world, however, due to low testing for deaths outside of hospitals, the real number is expected to be well over more than double.

The real enemy here is the truth. It’s in question. We don’t know whether the truth is a lie and that to me suggests that we need a new, non-corruptible system.

One last note. Do you know what got us into this mess? Eating animals. Are you certain that you can safely eat any meat and not get Covid-19? If the dairy, beef, chicken industries knew they were potential carriers, do you think they’d tell you? At risk of losing a lot of money? Just a question really…

A World Without Money

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