Is Trump Going to Cause WW3?

Is Trump Going to Cause WW3?

The 100 Day Plan Is Scary

When I wrote my apocalyptic novel Mr 303, I researched top reasons why we’d experience an apocalypse. I chose a virus, because it seemed the most likely cause. Had I known then that Donald Trump was going to become President of the United States, I might have decided that a global financial collapse might have been a more realistic threat. Is Trump Going to Cause WW3?

The short answer is no. Why? Because it’s already begun.

The definition of World War 3

A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy, and which has the attention of the man-in-the-street due to the significant loss of life.

While at present, there is no actual military conflict between 2 continents, we do have the common enemy – ISIS – and each of the world’s super powers have more than enough alliances on either side to exceed the 20 figure.

While some would argue that the United States is the enemy, others might see Russia or China or North Korea as the enemy.

Is Trump going to cause WW3

You can’t start a war that’s already well and truly underway. Trump got elected because the only viable alternative seemed to be the gun-toting Hilary Clinton and that was a shoe-in for total global war. Most Americans realized that the lies, the deceit, the ongoing murky reporting from various sources – such as Wikileaks – further clarified that she wasn’t going to make things better.

Trump represented real change; a challenge to the existing system which none of us around the world asked for. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with people in power – not just in the United States – but also in the UK, Australia and other countries around the world. We watch our politicians speak and cringe and wonder, ‘who the fuck elected this guy?’.

And the winner of President Idol 2016 is…

Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump was the most likeable candidate for the President Idol 2016 reality tv series which captivated millions.

You know what Donald Trump reminds me of? That boss I once had that I couldn’t stand, yet was probably the best person for the job at the time. Need to hire a manager that’s going to turn losses into profits? Trump’s your guy. He’s confident and conveys authority – all of the qualities that Hilary Clinton lacks. You may not like him, but out of the 20 candidates you might have interviewed for the job, only one stood out as capable of making change.

Change is in the air

Make no mistake, we need change. Things aren’t going too well in the world. I’m not just talking financially; I’m talking – depression is at an all-time high, fears of an apocalypse are high, continual conflict with terrorism, lack of trust in our governments and a general unhappiness with the way things are going – are what’s concerning most people today.

Trump seems to be the first guy who stood up and said, “Fuck this, let’s change some things around.”

The choice for Trump was a bad one, but the choice for Clinton could have been worse. Neither are truly fit to be leaders of the free world and yet somehow, that’s what the choice came down to.

Non-Americans making comments about the US election

I read the funniest conversation recently on social media. A non-American public figure stated openly that he thought Trump supporters were stupid. An American woman attacked him and responded with, “it’s none of your business is it? You’re English, so this doesn’t concern you.”

Well, the shit-storm that started as a result of her comment was almost funny. The top response to her comment was, “yeah? When the US stops meddling into other countries’ affairs and destabilizing countries in the middle east – thereby unleashing a migrant crisis on the world – then and only then, would I agree.”

The reality is that we – outside of the country involved – couldn’t give a shit who becomes President of Singapore or Kenya or Australia but the President of the United States of America, affects the entire world.

What is going to happen?

Personally – after seeing strange comments made by other world leaders – I’m conflicted. The Russian President seems to almost like Trump, and so does the North Korean psychopath. While it is strange, it’s also quite hopeful that Trump might just turn out to be the guy who stops WW3 from happening altogether because he’s got different motives.

Trump’s entire life has been about making money. If we want to reduce the fears of a global economic meltdown, then Trump might be the answer. Is Trump going to cause WW3? I doubt it. He’s going to be concerned with ‘making America great again’, and that’s going to mean making money. While he doesn’t have any experience or real evidence of being a great President, he’s most certainly capable of making a shit-load of money. Let’s completely put aside that he’s also been bankrupt 6 times out of 515 successes.

What does the world need right now?


What happens when there’s plenty of money to go around?

What happens when you get your pay-check? Partying? Pay bills? Buy things you want/need/have to have? When there’s plenty of money to go around, you’re happy. Money eases depression because you can do things. It is a documented fact that people are angrier and less happy when there’s less money.

If the US starts making money and leave the economic downturn behind, the rest of the world starts to benefit. There’s a saying which has been floating around for years and is very true, ‘when America sneezes, the world catches a cold.’

If Donald Trump starts making money for the United States, the whole world will benefit. With opportunity comes hope and with hope, comes reduced conflict.

Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round and Donald Trump might just keep those wheels spinning.

Is Trump Going to Cause WW3?

I don’t think so. World War 3 started several years ago and I think that Donald Trump is either going to keep that fire burning, or end it. I’m hoping he’s going to keep doing what he does best and that is to make money.

Why is Fox Emerson writing about Trump and WW3?

Because I’m writing a book called The Peace Ambassador; which is a story about terrorism and saving the human race from annihilation. As part of the enormous amount of research I’m doing, I’ve had to get myself a little up-to-date with politics and just like the rest of the world, I got a little fascinated by the whole ‘2016 US Election’.

There’s a side-blog about a world without money I wrote here, in which I talk about the potential for the world to live without money. Here’s a more recent post about him being a Magician.

What do you think? Is Trump going to cause ww3?

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Thanks to Donald Trump’s Money 2016 website for letting me ‘borrow’ the image for this post.

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  1. HeidiEikel November 26, 2016 07:34 at 7:34 am

    Well written blog and I hope you’re right and Trump is going to make money and not war!

  2. Mary True December 4, 2016 18:30 at 6:30 pm

    Yes, I think he will because that is what his followers and the Republican Party want. Of bourse we have to look at the fact that he is placing insiders, banksters, 1 percenters and lobbyists in positions of power which is the opposite of what he promised his followers. So, who the fuck knows anything at this point! But, personally, I don’t think it looks good for peace. Peace is pretty boring for an international reality show.

  3. Laura\'s King December 5, 2016 21:02 at 9:02 pm

    I hope you are right! Good point about Trump making money!


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