Covid Over in 6 Weeks or Several Decades

I’m too stupid to be ruler of any land, because I have these ridiculous ideas that just won’t get out of my head. They involve either having covid over in 6 weeks or several decades.

Imagine if we had an international, independent organisation that could coordinate a pandemic response. We could call them something like, The World Health Organisation or something along those lines and every country would fund this impartial country. You’d make their bank accounts completely see-through to ensure no corruption from countries like China, as a ‘plucked from the top of my head’ random example.

This hypothetical organisation in my head would coordinate responses to the pandemic.

We would have the pandemic gone within six weeks. Imagine that!

  • Immediately issue a quarantine and shutdown order to all countries – all countries immediately minimise travel and enforce a mandatory hotel quarantine to every country for 6 weeks effective immediately.
  • Travelers cannot leave a country without a Covid test. Arrivals cannot enter without a test on arrival too, followed by a mandatory hotel quarantine.
  • Arriving travelers must have a test on arrival and throughout quarantine during 6 weeks quarantine.

Once the 6 weeks is over, most countries should have zero cases. This hyothetical and trustworthy WHO would then only lift bans from countries who prove they have no covid cases.

There are massive fines for countries who lie and you’d lose standing with any country where travelers repeatedly arrive with covid infections.

After the 6 weeks, you’d probably have voluntary quarantine IF arriving from a country with zero covid casis AND you have a test every day for two weeks.

But that’s why I’m an idiot. Clearly this isn’t the right way to do things. I mean, Johnson and Johnson were in the news yesterday for suggesting we’re going to have to get used to Covid for decades and that we’ll need a vaccine every year.

LOL. EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR. I’m sure these vaccine manufacturers would love that. I could almost hear them rubbing their hands together as I read it.

ORRRRRRRR… we collectively lockdown for 6 weeks and eradicate this virus for good.

Which would you prefer?

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