Like Comment and Live

Like Comment and Live

Have you ever started a new venture? Brought something new? Tried something new? Did something different? What were the results? Did you get frustrated and maybe a little disappointed that you didn’t get the appreciation you wanted? Maybe you could help me start a new movement to Like Comment and Live.

Not everyone is always trying to do something different, something cool or simply trying to do something at all. But that girl, that guy, that faceless person who started a new blog, a new website, wrote a new book, created a new something might just need more than a like on Insta-book-twit-plus. How about a bit of Like Comment and Live?

Just like you might have tried something and had people encourage you so that you’d feel good about yourself, you could make someone else feel good about themselves. That chick you went to high school with that started a hairdressing salon? That takes an enormous amount of effort. Great, you’ve liked the salon on your favourite social media. Now add a comment. Tell her you’re proud of her, you like her post, you think she’s cool. That guy who wrote a book you know of? He spent a long time writing that book. Support him, comment, forward/share his posts, buy his book, read his book.

Because tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe even next year, you’re going to try something new and those people you helped today, they’re going to help you.

Tell someone you like their hair, their new outfit, their new book, their new business, their new partner, their new car, their new something.

We live in this new inter-connected world of Social Media that allows us to continually click through people’s emotions without having to buy into it. We disregard someone’s effort without even realising it because it has become acceptable. When we could just as easily spend an extra second showing a Like Comment and Live. That’s what life should be about I think. Encouraging others to do better, rewarding those who tried to do something.

Right now, go to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and find some very random person who has started something new that interests you. Don’t just like it but buy into it. Show them some Like Comment and Live. You’ll feel good about yourself and you would have contributed to someone smiling for just a few seconds because you took the time to comment and say something nice.

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of not just liking people’s posts but commenting on something about it that is true. For instance, a friend of mine has re-vamped her photographic business and I’ve tried to help in some ways. While I don’t share the same demographic and haven’t as yet been able to work out how else I can help her, I’ve supported her by voting for her pictures in publications and commenting on her posts and also her blog. Just so she knows that at least one person appreciates her work. Though I’m sure there are many more who wouldn’t tell her that they do.

What do you like? Art? Writing? Games? Find out who is behind that passion of yours and get behind them. Join the movement and help spread some love. Go now. Like Comment and Live.

Start with me. My book’s like 3.99 on Amazon. You just might like it.

Like my post, comment on my post, live for just a few seconds through my eyes and see what I see.

Leave me a comment below. Tell me if I can do something to help you. I promise that I’ll do what I can. That’s what this is all about, helping someone just because we can. Something that takes us a few seconds can make someone happy for a day and maybe leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.

You spent a whole 60 or so seconds reading this post, now spend an extra few seconds adding to my happiness by commenting so that I can go help someone else.

Pssst…I need your help

Fox Emerson costs money to run, and most people think I earn a million dollars because I have several books. Spoiler Alert: I don’t earn enough to cover running costs.
You could help by simply downloading ANY of my books on Amazon or Smashwords. There’s a free one, a cheap one and the most expensive one is US$2.99
Also, if you like my blogs, maybe you could take a few seconds to let me know?

Are you a reader? You might like my work. Or maybe someone you know might like my work? Forward it on. Share a book or a post on your social media. Every tiny bit helps and it means I can keep writing free content.

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  1. Charney February 28, 2016 21:49 at 9:49 pm

    Like. Comment. Live. And love.. I love this post! 🙂

  2. Annie Hathaway February 29, 2016 18:54 at 6:54 pm

    What a brilliant article. Such a good point about not buying into peoples emotions as we casually scroll through.

  3. Steadman February 29, 2016 18:56 at 6:56 pm

    Completely agree that we should encourage each other to help more. Nice wk

  4. Xav March 13, 2016 19:19 at 7:19 pm

    Luv this! Liked your insta Fox


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