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Bleugh A coherent, insightful, intelligent, helpful, honest request to review from the heart I stepped in dog shit and said, “Bleugh.” Occasionally, I’ll eat something that is off or not tasty and will say, “Bleugh.” Maybe, very infrequently, I might have watched a movie, read a book, or listened to a new tune and said,[…]

Trolls on Forums

Trolls on Forums

Trolls on Forums It is so easy to tell someone that they are a piece of shit human being when you are hiding your own ugly, puss-filled face behind a keyboard. You’re completely anonymous – so therefore, it is your God given right to slam anyone that you want, anytime, anywhere, any way you fucking[…]

Living in Gibraltar Fox Emerson

Living in Gibraltar

Living in Gibraltar Yes, for about a year and a half, I was Living in Gibraltar. This was between 2002 to 2004. After I’d already spent a year and a half working in Jersey, Channel Islands. Back in the days when it was offshore and a tax free haven and the Royal Bank of Scotland[…]