Scaredy Cat

Every time I try and convince one of my friends that I’m not a Scaredy Cat, they either laugh, smile awkwardly or look at me as though I’m something that they stepped in.

Exhibit A – I’ve been plagued by Night Terrors since I was a kid, but still tell myself I’m all grown up; apparently, I’m all grown up.

Exhibit B – I still sleep with the light on if I’m by myself. You’ll never find me sitting by myself in the dark. Ever heard someone screaming in the neighbourhood late at night? That’s me if there’s a power failure and I haven’t got candles. I’ve heard people describe it as a half werewolf yeowl and half inhuman mating call.

And sometimes, in the middle of the night, for absolutely no reason I can think of, I wake up and my imagination goes wild. What woke me? Did someone – or…gulp, did something – enter the room? I convince myself that there are soft footsteps walking towards me. Then I know that I can hear someone holding their breath; a deathly silence that is quickly filled with my rapid, terrified thoughts.

I open my eyes. Nobody there. Phew. I’m lucky – this time.

I made the mistake of switching from Spotify to Google’s YouTube Music app which has been heavily advertised in London, especially in the Old Street area. 3 weeks in, I realise I’ve made a grave error and YT Music is nothing compared to Spotify. So here, at 2am – for reasons I cannot fathom, other than the fact that I’m a Scaredy Cat, – I decide I’m uninstalling YT Music and slowly dropping my tail and begging Spotify’s forgiveness. I’m in luck; my account is still active and I’ve only got to pay my ten quid and I’m good to resume. A little yay contrasts to my usual nocturnal sounds.

So then I’m trying to play some tunes and for some reason Madonna’s Vogue “What are you looking at?!” suddenly disappears, even though the slider moves, the sound has stopped. I restart it. Nothing. Restart it, still nothing. Close the app, play something from my local phone and I have sound in my earphones. Weird. I go back to the Spotify app and restart Vogue. I don’t hear the beginning, “what are you looking at?”

I think I restarted that like 5 times and finally decided that it was a problem I would deal with at a more decent time. I pull my earphones out and just as I go to press stop, I register that there’s loud music coming from somewhere. Weird, someone else is awake at this stupid time. Even weirder, they’re listening to Madonna’s Vogue. Then it abruptly cuts off. I look at my app, go to settings and BOOM, I realise that somehow, I’ve managed to connect to Cara’s Boombox.

I just discovered I have a neighbour called Cara who doesn’t like being woken at 2am,┬áby Madonna, asking “what are you looking at?” repeatedly, at full volume. And I thought I was the Scaredy Cat.


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