Apocalypse Is Coming

Apocalypse Is Coming

Fox Emerson Apocalypse Is Coming

It’s not just preppers, conspiracy theorists and wild-eyed ‘the aliens are coming’ enthusiasts who think the Apocalypse Is Coming.

There’s signs of those who think the world as it is today, is about to change.

Don’t believe me? Type in Google “Apocalypse Is Coming” and see how many results you get. Over 30 million results.

What about World War 3/III? Try WW3 in Google. The Pope recently stated publicly that we’ve entered WW3 and it’s a piecemeal war, you can Google that as well, or click here.

Whether it will be a financial collapse, a zombie attack-yes, there’s many who believe that the zombie threat is real-a virus, a natural event or something we can’t even imagine, the threat is real.

Our society is so fragile, it is driven by a power hungry species that is split into 2 major categories, the rich and the poor, with a fast receding divide between the two. Both require power, lots of it, we all require food, we all need shelter, money, things, gadgets. That’s who we’ve become and it’s going to take a massive change for us to change our consumption habits.

How this will happen, nobody knows, though there are a growing percentage who don’t doubt that it will. And soon.

I recently read Janelle Diller’s The Virus, available on Kindle here. What a great book. I won’t spoil the story for you but i recommend it, especially if you’re a conspiracy theorist. The book has a big following, as most Dystopian and Post Apocalypse themed books do these days, and leaves you wondering how much of what the author writes is complete fiction.

The topic got me thinking about what would happen if something like…say, a deadly virus was unleashed on the world. I spent the last couple of years reading books about pandemics, viruses and related matter and realised that it’s not just possible, but probable. Especially after I decided to write a book about it and started researching the subject matter. Holy shit.

Post Apocalypse Is Coming Fox Emerson

Mr 303 came out in March 2016 and is my take on what would happen if such a virus was to suddenly hit our fragile world. Especially if the virus was manipulated by scientists with questionable goals, or funded by terrorist groups. Or worse, funded by governments with a big budget.

While I like the subject I’ve written about and I’ve been introduced to a world I barely knew existed, I’m still on the fence about the practicalities of such a virus wiping out the human race. Perhaps I have more faith in our world health departments, the CDC, the World Health Organisation than I should. But I am optimistic that we aren’t as helpless as most of these genres seem to make us out.

There’s another theme I’ve found too often in Post Apocalyptic books, movies and games, and that is that society crumbles instantly. I’m not that sure we as people are going to embrace a world that’s changed too quickly for our own comforts. I think if such an event was to happen, we would be more inclined to rebuild as quickly as possible than we would to stand around and fight. Sure, there’s going to be a huge number that are going to relish in such a world, but equally as many, if not more, who will want to try and establish a safe world to live in as quickly as possible. There would be a scramble for resources of course; food, water, clothing. Because that shit will be rarer and rarer with manufacturing and production at a stand-still.

Whether I’m being overly idealistic or blatantly stupid, is up for debate.

That our world is going to change dramatically and soon, is not something I think any sane person is going to argue with. Especially when you watch the news, even for just five minutes.

If the world goes to shit, or my novel Mr 303 becomes the much-coveted best-seller, I’ll be somewhere in Europe-probably on a farm-growing crops and doing my best to get things back on track.

That’s if i survive whatever is coming.

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  1. Janelle Diller December 16, 2015 18:08 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks for the shoutout, Fox, and the link to Amazon! The technology described in the book is all available now. All that’s lacking is the willingness to spend the money on the infrastructure to support it. The optimist in me says there are plenty of ways simpler ways to control populations, so it’s not likely a government would go down this path. The pessimist in me hears Donald Trump talk about immigrants–Mexican or Muslim–and worries that this might look like an attractive option . . . which then becomes a slippery slope.

    Good luck with Mr 303. I’ll be watching for it.

    1. Fox Emerson March 20, 2016 18:25 at 6:25 pm

      Hi Janelle. I thought you’d like to know that Mr 303 is out in 10 days and available for preorder now.

      Hope you like it.

      1. Janelle Diller March 20, 2016 23:49 at 11:49 pm

        Congratulations! It’s no small thing to get a book out. I’ve preordered the Kindle version and look forward to reading it.

        By the way, I just found out this week that The Virus is a finalist in the Colorado Humanities and Book Award (medalists will be announced in May). This morning, I got word that The Virus is a semifinalist in the Book Pipeline Competition, with finalists and winners announced April 1. It’s been a good week!


        1. Fox Emerson March 21, 2016 04:45 at 4:45 am

          Congratulations Janelle! The Virus deserves to be winning awards and I’m very happy for you!

        2. Fox Emerson April 3, 2016 14:40 at 2:40 pm

          Hi Janelle. How did you go with the Book Piepeline Competition? I see your book is getting stellar reviews on Amazon! Well done!

  2. David March 5, 2016 01:08 at 1:08 am

    The Apocalypse is not coming. People have been saying this since the dawn of humanity, and it seems like every year or every few years someone claims it will happen but it has never happened at all in the history of mankind.

    The only people I have ever met who believe in things like the apocalypse, end of the world, etc. were people who are mentally ill in that they are bipolar or schizophrenic and do not get treatment or decided not to take medication.

  3. Fox Emerson March 5, 2016 12:38 at 12:38 pm

    Hi David, did you just read the headline and comment? Because if you’d actually read the blog…

  4. Marcus Doom March 5, 2016 12:45 at 12:45 pm

    Well, good to see some judgement by the uninformed on “mentally ill” being the only people who believe the apocalypse is coming.

    I think if you’d read the blog you would have read that the author did say he’s on the fence about the topic which is why he wrote the book!

    Me personally? I agree that change is coming, maybe not the end of the world, but I do agree we can’t continue as we are.

    Great post Fox, looking forward to the book Mr. 303

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