What Does Abundance Mean

What Does Abundance Mean?

I’m not about to get all spiritual on your ass with this ‘What Does Abundance Mean’ bs but…I’ve had some interesting and not so fun moments the past few weeks. These events have forced me to revisit why things happen and why we do the things we do. I’m no expert, I’m just a guy trying to get through life and I often stop to try and make sense of things.

What Happens When You’re Happy

When you’re happy, the world seems to be on your side. Everything is on your side; people are nicer and opportunities seem to come faster. Money seems to flow and you find that people respond to your good hearted approach to your day positively. When I’m happy and the sun is shining, I find that people smile, which makes me realise I’ve been smiling at them.

When I’m not happy, bills appear that I wasn’t expecting; fines, rent or mortgage raises suddenly manifest themselves, I’m highly likely to have altercations with people and no, not a single fucking person smiles at me.

The Overflow

I’m not sure how to make sense of this. Abundance is when you have enough of something to meet your needs. That’s the dictionary meaning anyway. In our world, abundance means you have more than enough so that your issues no longer affect you negatively. This isn’t just about money, this might be about love or food or respect.

Think about it. When you’re overflowing with happiness and you experience abundance of it, everything falls in step beside you and you keep giving out more happiness and people respond back with more of it.

The more respect you have, the more you’ll give others. The more abundance you have of it, the more likely you’ll be to shell it out to others.

Money, Money, Money

I wrote a blog about a world without money, in fact I’ve written a few, and in forums and with friends, I seem to be one of few people that believe a world without money is possible. The reason? I’m writing The Peace Ambassador and the main hero and his husband propose a world without money.

Please, hear me out before you make judgement.

The main argument opposing the plausibility of a world without money is human greed. Which applies and is valid, in today’s world.

I’m not proposing we can move into cities that thrive without money tomorrow. I’m proposing that humankind aim to move in that direction over the next few years. Our children will have a better chance of adjusting to it, and their children will be better suited still. 3 generations from now, we’ll have great-grandchildren who will be born in a world where money is a retro word they’ll need to Google.

Abundance With Money, time and love

The greed argument is valid, to a point. Wnen you’re lacking of something, you aren’t likely to be generous with what little you do have. However, when you’ve got an abundance of something, you’re much more likely to be generous with it.

A few years back, I worked on an hourly rate, for a large bank and because I was based in Gibraltar, I didn’t have to pay any tax. Needless to say, I was a young prick with a lot of money. My friends and colleagues were the same. One night I’d happy spend £100 on everyone’s dinner and the next it was probably one of my friends, but nobody kept track, because we had an abundance of it and when there’s an abundance of something, you’re much more likely to share it or at least be generous with it.

These days, I’m much more frugal and careful with my money, but the principle applies; when I have a lot of it, I donate more, I spend more, I don’t count the change I get back as closely and I might say, “keep the change”. When things are tight, I’m counting every penny and making sure the 50% discount coupon was taken into consideration.

A World Without Money

I doubt we can easily shift to a world without money, but our kids could. We need to start thinking about the possibility of it, or the human race won’t survive. What’s happening in modern times is technology is displacing employees. More and more jobs are being replaced by Aritificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. Whether we like it or not, technical advancement will mean losing more jobs. It makes me laugh when Trump says “Jobs Jobs Jobs!” He’s still living in 1920.

The Fiat dollar isn’t working and our economy goes boom to bust every few years, which really isn’t healthy for an evolving species. We’re about to get fed up and demand change, and that change won’t mean barter or trade, it will mean, eliminate it completely.

Robots and AI will do al the work and the rest of us will contribute when we feel like it. And if we don’t want to work? Who cares! You can lay by the pool while robots farm the land, cook the food, clean the houses and replace the jobs you’re doing today.

Will We Get Bored?

You will get bored, but that’s because you’ve grown up in a world in which you need financial motivation to move. Growing up in a world in which you can do whatever you want, you’ll do exactly that and you’ll enjoy it. There will be more time for leisure, more time for study and more time to tinker with your house robot that never seems to climb that left wall by the window and clean it properly. Or you might push a button and request that your robot is replaced and read a book instead. Or you might study Astrology or Astronomy. Maybe you’ll learn another language.

We’re going to be supervisors of the generation of machines that will do everything for us and we’re so much closer to that already.

Uber is about to bring flying taxis to a city near you by 2020. Tesla already has automated cars driving people around. Yes, there’s been a setback with a death, but the first planes also had fatal accidents, and we didn’t give up flying then either. Imagine if we had? This will push us to make safety even more important, while the competition gains an edge. Moley Kitchens will have robots making over 10,000 meals perfectly for you in the next couple of years and we already have a fully-automated hotel run with robots in Japan.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that I’m right; a world without money is not only possible, but highly likely. Jaque Fresco is already working on The Venus Project, so someone on this planet is already ten steps ahead of me.

If I had to guess when this would be a reality? I’d look at The Venus Project and say that it’s already happening.

The beginnings of it anyway. Once we have abundance, we’ll reach for the stars without greed, terrorism, and with stronger unity.

Another ‘other-wordly’, off the planet, rant by Fox.



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