The Apocalypse Book Release

The Apocalypse Book Release

Mr 303 The Apocalypse Book Release Fox Emerson The Virus Images World Landscape

It’s an exciting day for an author after many months of writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing, re-writing, re-editing, deleting, re-writing…ok you get the picture. Months of perfecting a story finally comes to an end. The book is ready for others to judge. Insert visual of said author biting fingernails. Does it suck? The Apocalypse book release on the book called Mr 303 is hitting shelves around the world and I’m wondering if I made a big mistake. Will others see what I tried to do? Will the characters jump off the page as they did in my head? Will the scenery play itself out as I intended? I guess we will find out soon.

Mr 303 The Apocalypse Book Release Fox Emerson The Virus Images Changed World Landscape

The inspiration behind the story

I’m a bit of a fan of the Sci-fi /Apocalyptic and Dystopian genre already and I’ve read some pretty good books and watched some really good movies on the topic. To try and compete with that, you’d have to have a good angle, a good take on the idea to even try and compete. Writing isn’t a gift, it’s a life of learning. You continually write and re-write and eventually improve. When you try and combine that into a story, such as this apocalyptic tale, you really need to make sure the story is going somewhere. Mr 303The Virus Part 1 is definitely going somewhere. In fact, I’d already written half of the sequel before I went ahead and released Mr 303 on preorder. I like where it’s going, we have a group of key people who are suddenly faced with a changed world. When I read apocalypse related stories, I often find myself frustrated and wondering, ‘Would people really behave that way in that situation?’. So that’s why I found myself writing an apocalypse series.

 Mr 303 The Apocalypse Book Release Fox Emerson The Virus Images Mr 303 Alone Landscape

What happens in Part 2?

Good question. I can tell you that you will discover why the book is called Mr 303 and why he is so important to this world. I can also tell you that the survivors are going to be faced with some very tough decisions. You are going to read this and hopefully feel like the decisions they make are ones that you would make. How would you react to a real end of the world scenario? When the SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan – will you find yourself hoping there’s a Mr 303 around? Do you think the SHTF is likely? I wrote a post about that here…lots of people seem to think so.

The survivors of Mr 303 are going to be people just like you and I, who find themselves without the modern comforts of home and trying to work out what next. What needs to be done to live life again.

I hope you enjoy Mr 303. Please let me know what you think and please review the book wherever you brought it from.


The Apocalypse Book Release


Mr 303 The Apocalypse Book Review Story



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  1. Philly April 11, 2016 09:00 at 9:00 am

    Love love love the book! nice work. Really waiting on a response on when part two will be out?!

    1. Fox Emerson April 13, 2016 18:01 at 6:01 pm

      Hi Philly. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve just finished ‘Toby’ and am working on Mr 303 part two. I’m expecting it will be released around end July/August.

      Really pleased to hear you liked it, please jump on Amazon and write a review 🙂


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