A Medici Brilliance in English in Florence Fox Emerson

A Medici Brilliance in English

A Medici Brilliance in English A cultural 1 hour rundown of 300 years of Medici rulings Fuck me. I got lucky and managed to get myself invited along to a Medici brilliance in English, right here in Florence. There’s my cultural input on an enjoyable evening in Florence. Since I moved to Florence, I’ve met[…]

Living la vida Italiano Fox Emerson

Living La Vida Italiano

Living La Vida Italiano This is a side post to my Permesso di Soggiorno which I’m currently acquiring in order to regain Italian citizenship. And boy, what a ride it is. From being sent to one office to another – and being told several conflicting stories after another – my journey isn’t one I’d recomment[…]

The New Apartment Part Two

The New Apartment Part Two

The New Apartment Part Two This is a continuation from The New Apartment Part One Daylight dispels the deepest shadows and as such, John found that his fear melted under the light of the sun. John spent the day shaking off his horrific first night in the apartment by shopping for things he might need.[…]

Fox Emerson Living in Florence Lost in Florence Link

Living in Florence

Living in Florence What’s it like Living in Florence? I love it. It’s different for sure; having previously been in Australian cities, London, Gibraltar, Jersey-Channel Islands and a few dots here and there, Italy has become an easy place to call home. Living in Florence started off as a ‘needs must’ venture more than a[…]

Fox Emerson Australian Permesso di Soggiorno

Australian Permesso di Soggiorno

Australian Permesso di Soggiorno Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The process for acquiring your Australian Permesso di Soggiorno is a treacherous and unimaginably frustrating task. But it is worth it in the end. If you make it. In this article I’m only going to summarise my own experiences from an Australian passport holder’s perspective.[…]