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Apocalypse Is Coming

Apocalypse Is Coming It’s not just preppers, conspiracy theorists and wild-eyed ‘the aliens are coming’ enthusiasts who think the Apocalypse Is Coming. There’s signs of those who think the world as it is today, is about to change. Don’t believe me? Type in Google “Apocalypse Is Coming” and see how many results you get. Over[…]

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Where Do I Advertise My Book?

Where Do I Advertise My Book? I’ve written the next top seller, great. Now what? It’s sitting on that shelf on Amazon, watching tumbleweeds blow past. But Where Do I Advertise My Book? After almost putting money into websites which looked like i’d get a good return, i started researching which sites would perform best,[…]

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Why Prostitution Is Fascinating

Why Prostitution Is Fascinating Let’s face it, prostitution is fascinating. Let me tell you why prostitution is fascinating, in my opinion anyway. Because most of us haven’t done it, probably haven’t even thought about it. Though I’m sure more of us (than would care to admit), have said it jokingly. The idea of having sex[…]